Having the right technology in the right places is part and parcel of getting the right fit between the silicon and the strategy. Data cabling, while a critical component of any building, is often left as an afterthought and as such can either restrict the placement of technology in certain rooms or end up affecting the sleek style in a new suite.


Give your project the attention it deserves, get one partner who can do it all and be prepared for wherever unified comms goes in the future with our data cabling services.


What we do:

With a conscientious work ethic, we place as much emphasis on the cabling as we do the shiny stuff. This is because we’ve seen time and time again how important it is to the overall success of any technology upgrade, or capital build/refurb project.

  • We start with a full site survey and audit to make sure that perfect planning is a prerequisite for all our projects – giving the project the best possible chance of a smooth slide to success.
  • We can provide full data cabling services, from the display to the data centre, including fibre. This means you get a one stop shop for everything cabling.
  • We provide full structured cabling systems to perfectly integrate voice and data for the best possible quality and transfer speeds – providing the ideal platform for next generation unified communications.


How we achieve this:

  • A team of 35 field engineers across the UK, all with specific experience working with education and public sector organisations of all sizes – from small village primary schools to large central government departments.
  • 25 years of listening, designing, installing and servicing a wide range of data cabling requirements across the UK.


Before you enquire about our data cabling services, consider:

  • What are your plans for the rooms or building you need cabling? Sometimes timing a cabling refit is a great catalyst for a room change around.
  • What’s your IT roadmap over the next 5 years? Depending on where you’re going in a few years’ time, your cabling may have to reflect more of where you’re going to – rather than where you are now.


Ask about AV and data cabling services