In a world where sharing and collaborating on digital content drives everywhere from schools to army mission control rooms, engaging a room and keeping them focused on the job at hand can often be a challenge. Sometimes the challenge is even harder to overcome when the technology used to present or collaborate is left wanting.


Get the right screen for your specific needs, make a difference to the way people collaborate and get flexible room configurations that can adapt with the needs of each group’s needs with interactive touchscreens from Stone.


What we do:

There’s no shortage of AV companies out there. That’s why we’ve spent time crafting our offering to represent the unique needs of education and the public sector in a way that makes sure the technology can demonstrate real impact and real value.

  • We offer full range of touchscreens from the biggest names in the business including Iiyama, CleverTouch, CTOUCH, SMART, Promethean and more – meaning we can provide the technology that’s right for you, not for us.
  • We provide full installation, training and support services on every screen that we supply giving you the opportunity to make the biggest impact from your investment.
  • We provide a full range of mounting options – from trolleys to tables – giving flexibility on how the technology is used in each location.


How we achieve this:

  • The highest level of partner accreditations with all of the biggest names in AV. This means we can offer best value and you get to use the savings elsewhere.
  • A network of over 35 skilled engineers across the country who provide a courteous and professional service time and time again.
  • 25 years’ experience providing a range of bespoke audio visual technology solutions to education and the public sector.


Before you enquire about our interactive touchscreens, consider:

  • Which rooms are going to be used by which users? How might their needs differ?
  • How can you ensure that the new screens you deploy will be used in an effective way?


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