When there’s a new build on the cards, everyone gets obsessed with the big stuff. What will this enable us to do? How can we structure the layout of rooms to allow everyone to be as productive as possible? The questions go on and on. One question that an increasing number of organisations are posing to themselves is ‘How does it properly integrate technology within the fabric of the building?


Get a seamless link between the building and its technology, be recognised as someone who’s involved in high quality projects and get a full picture of everything that’s going on with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Furniture, Fittings and Equipment consultancy services from Stone.


What we do:

We provide a highly professional offering that’s been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of education and the public sector:

  • We sit down with the architects and figure out what technology’s going in and how fuss and clutter can be removed or reduced. This gets everyone on the same page and provides a common platform for forward momentum.
  • We map out intricate site plans of every last detail; how cabling is going to be embedded within walls, how AV will integrate seamlessly with the room layout down to the location of lights to underpin the ideal viewing angles for your shiny new tech.
  • We become a key part of the project team, ensuring that the finish and quality of workmanship is something that will leave future visitors in awe at what you’ve achieved. This way, it always results in an outcome the whole of your project team can be proud of.


How we achieve this:

  • 25 years’ experience project managing a range of different capital build projects – from new educational fit outs like West Nottinghamshire College, through to local authority space rationalisation projects like Coventry City Council.
  • A skilled team of project managers who are wholly dedicated to getting the right outcome for your organisation. They always take it personally and won’t rest until every detail is fully optimised.


Before you enquire about our M&EE & FFE consultancy services, consider:

  • Which areas are priority areas? Quite often these are high profile collaborative spaces like meeting rooms and public spaces like receptions.
  • What existing estates might benefit from better integrating technology with the build environment?


Ask about M&EE and FF&E Consultancy