In a world where location independent working is commonplace, and many employees spend a lot of time doing office type work on the road or at home, offices have become a place that’s centred around collaborating and meeting rather than doing solitary deep work.


Get a great looking, modern or futuristic meeting space, make your people as productive as they can possibly be and give everyone a great meeting whether they’re on-premise or not with our meeting room design services.


What we do:

With an eye for detail and the vision to make something genuinely jaw dropping, we go into every meeting room design job with an overwhelming sense of excitement. Meetings can often be where the magic happens, many great ideas have surfaced due to a coming together of minds in a shared space – and we want to help your organisation make some great moments in your meeting rooms too.

  • We can provide a bespoke design service that looks at every area of the room’s physical environment, meaning you end up with a meeting space that looks as great as it performs.
  • We can provide a full range of video conferencing/unified communications solutions – giving all meeting attendees a great experience whether they’re on-site or not.
  • We truly integrate the technology into the fabric of the room. This facilitates room layouts that make meetings as productive and efficient as they can be by design.


How we achieve this:

  • Over 25 years’ experience designing, implementing and supporting meeting rooms of the future for education and public sector institutions.
  • Skilled consultants who have a pedigree working on marquee development sites that have been recognised for award winning design.
  • A future gazing approach – we equip your room to be relevant in the years to come, not just today – giving you more longevity from a meeting room investment with Stone.


Before you enquire about our meeting room design services, consider:

  • How many people do you need to accommodate in your meetings? Don’t forget about remote attendees and how many of them could be present in any given session.
  • What is the general format of the meetings to be held in the room? This will shape a lot of design decisions and also influence the kind of technology we might recommend.


Ask about our meeting room design services