With access to technology in every workplace or learning space at an all-time high, the challenge nowadays is often not where, but how. Getting a room that works in synergy with the facilitator – whether a meeting chair, lecturer or teacher – is now a key efficiency saver that organisations can turn to in the age of austerity.


Provide rooms that are engaging for all, make users as productive as possible and get rooms that work in the way people want them to with room control programming from Stone.


What we do:

By taking a little bit of time to understand how your rooms are used, and by whom, we can provide rooms that speak specifically to the unique needs of your organisation. We design for your people, not for us.

  • We can implement control systems to provide one touch access to all of the technology in your rooms, meaning users are always as productive as they can be.
  • We integrate tech across the whole AV stack – from lights to LED touch screens – giving you a holistic way of creating engaging meeting or learning spaces.
  • We can provide full consultancy services to design and implement room control solutions based specifically on the user preferences of the actual people using them. This builds belief in the way your organisation supports its people and gives the project the highest possible chance of success.


How we achieve this:

  • 25 years’ experience creating amazing working and learning spaces that people want to spend their time in.
  • Diligent and creative professionals who take each job to heart in a quest to provide a highly bespoke and personalised service that speaks to your specific needs.
  • Obsession with the latest technology. We work with one eye on the future to make sure that the room control programming your users have at their fingertips will stick with the evolution of technology for a number of years.


Before you enquire about our room control programming services, consider:

  • Who uses what spaces? This is useful, as by building user groups it makes the consultation easier to design the right space for them.
  • How can user adoption be maximised? The technology can’t be efficient if your room users don’t understand how to use it efficiently.
  • The needs of everyone. You have an obligation to be inclusive for all.


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