The modern teacher is under a lot of pressure to deliver lesson content in new and interesting ways, with technology being a key way to do this. It’s therefore very important that teachers have easy access to all their technology, from interactive displays to tablets.


Give your teachers the ultimate media space and revolutionise the way they deliver lessons. Make working with the technology you’ve invested in as easy as possible, ensuring it’s used successfully to transform the learning experience.


What we do:

  • Design and implement teacher walls customised to each classroom and teacher’s needs
  • Integrate storage and equipment fully with existing or new IT and AV equipment
  • Create a completely flexible space for teachers to store and easily access important resources and teaching tools


How we achieve this:

  • Full team of AV professionals incorporating Account Managers, Product Managers, Service Controllers and skilled engineers across the depth and breadth of the UK.
  • Unrivalled experience working across education and the public sector to deliver AV services
  • Top level accreditations from the leading names in the UK space meaning you get the best value and access to the very latest range of technology.


Before you enquire about Teacher Walls, consider:

  • What do your teachers find most challenging about using technology (mainly audio visual technology) in their classroom?
  • Are you teachers required to operate on multiple devices, i.e. do they have a desktop at the front of the classroom as well as their laptop or other mobile device?
  • What does your current classroom audio visual set up look like? How might this change in the future?


Ask about Teacher Walls