As teaching and learning develops and continues to be shaped more and more by technology it’s vital to ensure that students get the same access to devices that will facilitate their learning. Being able to find the right device for the right learner and enable them to use it at school and at home is key. We understand that the provision isn’t always there to provide every student with a device, and that the admin burden and risk attached to letting them take the devices home can be daunting.


Leave the admin burden to someone else and get on with cultivating a tech-first teaching and learning experience. Get a bespoke package that suits your educational style and seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum, with each and every student using the right device for them.


@ccessAbility is a hassle-free 1:1 student device scheme. Each student gets the opportunity to choose the right device for their learning style, which is then paid for by parental contribution. We take on the risk and the admin burden and help you achieve your vision for technology.


How we achieve this:

  • Access to a wide range of products from top vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Stone, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo and more.
  • Full insurance wrap – covering every eventuality from accidental damage to missed payments, meaning there’s no financial risk to you or your institution.
  • A full range of pre-prepared marketing materials, meaning we can help you promote the scheme to parents.


Before you enquire about @ccessAbility, consider:

  • What are you goals for end user technology and learning?
  • How many students would you be looking to roll this scheme out to?
  • Do you have any particular devices in mind?


Ask about @ccessAbility