We understand that against a backdrop of budget cuts, demand for the latest tech is still high. In a digital-first world, users expect a consistent and exceptional service when it comes to IT.


Give users access to the latest technology without breaking the bank. Roll out large numbers of the latest devices across your user-base without having to pick up the extra admin.


Our end user device schemes; Tech Over Time, YouChoose and @ccessAbility are each designed to get a device in the hands of every employee or student in a way that suits both them and you.


How we achieve this:

  • @ccessAbility: a 1:1 student device scheme where devices are selected and paid for by parents.
  • YouChoose: an employee benefit scheme where devices are paid for via a monthly salary sacrifice.
  • Tech Over Time: 0% interest scheme with 0% risk taken on by the organisation.
  • Our schemes are flexible and brand-agnostic – you choose the devices that are right for your employees and students.


Before you enquire about end user device schemes, consider:

  • Which scheme would fit your organisation best? You can read about them in more detail by clicking on the links above.
  • How many users would you be looking to roll the scheme out to?


Ask about End User Device Schemes