How can you ensure that your end user technology is performing to the best of its potential?


In the fast-paced world of tech, it can be difficult to ensure that your entire organisation is up to speed. And with budgets tight, investing in new technology isn’t always possible.


Get a clearer picture. Identify problem areas with your end user devices and work to find the easiest and most cost-effective ways to fix them.


A member of our friendly service team will perform a full health check on part, or all of, your IT estate. They’ll test your hard drives smart and self monitoring reporting, perform a memory test, and even include an internal fan, screen and keyboard clean.


We’ll then make any other recommendations we feel could improve and extend the life of your technology. We won’t pressure you into buying new devices if that’s not what’s right for you.


How we achieve this:

  • Over 25 years’ experience delivering hardware into education and the public sector from a range of manufacturers.
  • Vendor-agnostic approach to end user technology and components; we’ll recommend the brand that’s right for you.
  • Our own highly knowledgeable and friendly team of DBS-checked engineers.

Before you book a health check, consider:

  • Are there any specific problems you’re having with your end user devices?
  • Is there anything that regularly crops up in comments from end users?


Book a health check