Doing more with less is always a challenge. IT departments in public sector and education used to be bursting at the seams with highly skilled people available to help with a wide variety of jobs. Unfortunately, more often than not, that’s not the case any longer: IT teams are streamlined and up against it. More often than not organisations need to find ways to make themselves more efficient and doing this without affecting service delivery isn’t always obvious.


Free up more time for your people, take employees or students to a state of high productivity quicker and roll devices out to staff in their own or field office with Imaging 2.0 from Stone.



What we do

Using best-in-class Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM), we work with you not only to configure your machines at Stone HQ with the image, apps and drivers that a particular user needs, but also join it to the domain and register it with your SCCM system.


All of this means that we can then either dispatch devices to a team within your organisation, or we can ship it directly to the individual – saving time and effort.


There’s no manual intervention from anyone within your organisation, meaning you can concentrate your internal resource on the things you do best.



How it works

  1. We place one of your servers in our data centre. This is securely connected via a site-to-site VPN creating a gateway to your own network.
  2. You place an order with us for Windows devices.
  3. We scan the MAC address and serial numbers of your devices and send that to you in electronic format for import into SCCM.
  4. You add the list of devices to SCCM as an allowed client.
  5. You assign a Task Sequence to install and configure everything that particular user needs to be effective.
  6. Systems are logged on using the supplied details and checked.
  7. Devices are either shipped to the organisation or directly to the end user.



How we achieve this

  • Fully resilient and access controlled UK data centre to host your server.
  • Microsoft certified deployment specialists on hand to guide and support.
  • Over 25 years’ experience configuring end user devices.
  • Concrete focus on data security – all backed by ISO27001 accredited processes.


Before you enquire about Imaging 2.0, consider:

  • What are the range of devices you need to image?
  • How many different Windows builds do you provide to your users?


Ask about Imaging 2.0