Deploying end user devices and software is part and parcel of any IT admin’s job. Whether you’re rolling out new hardware, or just making the most of what you’ve already got, getting your users up and running quickly with the technology they need to make a difference is often a major priority.


Free up more time for your internal team, get staff or students working quickly and be able to accommodate even the most demanding department managers by using our installation services.


What we do:

We have passionate people all over the UK who are often available at short notice to provide a wide variety of specific installation projects. From one device to one thousand, we can scale up or down depending on your individual requirements.


We can assist with:

  • Installing new software on user devices – including volume license activation.
  • Setting up and configuring devices.
  • Deliver-to-desk services – from unboxing to taking away the rubbish and everything in between.


How we achieve this:

  • A network of over 35 full time engineers with a passion for making sure the right technology is installed at the right place for the right person, efficiently and effectively.
  • An acute understanding of education and the public sector. They’re used to installing a range of end user computing services into schools, colleges and unis during the summer holidays and know that no one will be on reception!


Before you enquire about our installation services, consider:

  • What is the blend of hardware and software each particular user needs?
  • When do you want your installation to take place? We also offer out of hours work too.
  • What are you going to do with the tech that’s no longer required?


Ask about our Installation Services