When deploying an end user computing project, making certain that neither you nor your users are left exposed is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. In a world that’s increasingly mobile and with popular devices like iPad Pro and Surface Book coming in at nearly £1500 – you need to make sure your investment is protected.


Get peace of mind that your assets are protected, be confident in empowering staff with the right technology for the job without worrying about the risk and give confidence to your finance and compliance teams with our insurance services.


We offer a range of specific education and public sector insurance policies – many of which operate with no excess. We can provide specific bundles relevant to your needs – whether its GAP insurance for an employee device scheme or accidental damage and theft insurance to cover devices broken or stolen as part of a 1:1 scheme.


How we achieve this:

  • Team of internal advisors with combined experience of over 30 years who can build something that’s right for you.
  • No prescriptive set of policies – we work to understand your specific requirements then work in partnership to provide a cost effective way of protecting your devices when the inevitable happens.


Before you enquire about our insurance services, consider:

  • What are your premium device assets?
  • Which users would benefit from insurance for their devices because of the job they do?
  • Are there any of your users who travel internationally? Common ones to consider are students, lecturers and senior managers.


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