There are endless reasons why recycling your end of life IT assets properly is incredibly important. Compliance with the Data Protection Act is essential in order to avoid hefty fines of up to £500,000, and with more and more pressure on public sector organisations to become sustainable, it makes sense to have a plan in place.


Save your organisation from financial penalty by carrying out IT recycling securely. Retain the value from any reusable kit and get income to spend on new projects that will help you move forward.

What we do:

Full audit reports
You’ll receive a free full audit report and certificate of disposal, allowing you to dot the i’s, cross the t’s and ensure complete traceability.
Secure data destruction
Using industry-leading software Blancco, we’ll securely erase data-bearing hardware.
Potential rebates
We can help you realise any residual value in any kit we take back, offering you fair market rebates on qualifying equipment.

Free collections
We’ll collect your end of life IT assets completely free of charge in our secure, GPS-tracked vehicles.

How we achieve this:

  • Potential rebates on recycled equipment
  • Accreditations including ISO 27001, ADISA Distinction with Honours, DIPCOG and Cyber Essentials
  • Industry-leading software Blancco used on-site to ensure secure data destruction
  • Sustainability is one of our 5 business values – it’s in our interest to help you be sustainable too


Before you book a recycling collection, consider:

  • How many pieces of hardware do you need to recycle?
  • How much of it is working?
  • Are you going to be accumulating more assets for disposal in the next few months? Would it make sense to consolidate the collection to reduce the carbon footprint?


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Go behind the scenes of our fully accredited, award-winning ICT recycling facility and find out more about how we can help you securely dispose of your end of life IT assets.



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