Keeping your people up to date with the latest and greatest is an often overlooked part of embedding technology change. That’s often unfortunate, as it’s probably one of the most vital components to delivering a world class service to your users.


Be an expert. Get knowledge that can help accelerate your career and be flexible in the ways you learn how to shape the future of both you and your organisation with our IT admin training and offboarding services.


What we do:

Whether it’s a freshly installed piece of tech or something you’ve had for a while, we can help build significant capabilities within your team so you’re always ready for whatever the tech gremlins may throw your way.


We can assist with:

  • Training on your environment – helping to build familiarity where it’s needed most.
  • Building relevant experience on industry leading tools, meaning you become highly skilled in a market context, not just the organisation context
  • Flexible courses, so whether it’s for a new starter or for a whole team – you can train whenever and wherever you want. Whether its your place, ours or a random hotel – we’re happy if you’re happy


How we achieve this:

  • A team of super-trainers who equate equal importance to the learning process as they do to their technical knowledge.
  • Tight ties between our technical installation team and training team to ensure that when our training follows an implementation it truly hits the spot.
  • Being amongst just a handful of organisations nationally to possess the Investors in People Gold accreditation in recognition of the important we place on the professional development of our own staff (yes, that even includes our trainers!).


Before you enquire about our admin training and offboarding services, consider:

  • How many people need to be able to use each system in your environment? (bear in mind absence cover)
  • What type of training does each team member need? Equipping people with just the bits they need can be a powerful way to get results without breaking the bank.
  • When is the best time to do your training sessions? We’re flexible, so you don’t have to take your team off the helpdesk during your busiest times. We’ve even done weekends and ‘twilight’ evening sessions.


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