Microsoft Azure is a beast. Offering the ability to provide cloud services including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) – it’s no wonder many people struggle to get their head around exactly what it is when it can be pretty much anything!


Cut the cost of cloud back ups, get secure Single Sign On (SSO) to commonly used apps like Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox and build your infrastructure in a natively scalable environment with our range of Azure services.


What we do:

We’ve already pointed out Azure is a tough one to get your head around owing to the sheer size and depth. We can offer a complete range of Azure services across the whole eco-system, creating a bespoke solution that’s tailored just for you. Here are some of the most popular areas of Azure that we’re working in right now:

  • Stone Unity – a carefully crafted solution born in Azure that’s designed specifically for Academy Trusts.
  • We can provide full back up and recovery solutions built on Azure with Azure Storage to make sure that you’re never left in the dark when disaster strikes.
  • We can build a network designed for anytime, anywhere access with Azure Active Directory – providing identity management that’s quick and secure
  • We can set up your virtual machines in Azure. This makes your applications infinitely scalable and highly available.


How we achieve this:

  • We understand Microsoft volume licensing. We can help make the most of the usage rights you have with your volume license, so will be able to advise how to navigate the often misunderstood world of Microsoft. There’s a good chance you can reduce a lot of the ongoing cost.
  • With 25 years as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have bucket loads of experience working with the leading technology coming out of Redmond.
  • We’re one of only a handful of UK organisations to be a Microsoft Azure Black Belt Partner. This is Microsoft’s recognition of the significant investment we’ve made in our Azure practice and the fact we lead the way in helping get education and public sector organisations harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure.


Before you enquire about our Microsoft Azure services, consider:

  • If you’re moving from on-premise for the first time, consider which apps or services would be good ones to test your cloud water with.
  • How do you license Microsoft software? If you have a volume license of some description we can help you understand how you can use that to get way more bang for your buck.
  • What does your information security say about hosting data in the cloud? It’s better to bring that up front now so we can help equip you with everything you need to please your compliance team that hosting with Microsoft in the cloud is often safer than hosting on premise.


Ask about our Azure services