In a world where more and more of your services are operated using someone else’s compute power, and data is stored resiliently in data centres across Europe, more and more organisations are looking to shut down their own server rooms. Breaking it all down safely and ensuring that all constituent data has been securely erased is a concern for any IT pro who’s diligent about their duty of care.


Get peace of mind. Liberate your people from the time drain of de-installation and get rebates for your old data centre tech with our data centre deconstruction services.


What we do:

We have security cleared personnel who are highly technical and can work to carefully and considerately break down your data centre to ensure you maximise the financial return on your assets and minimise the risk.


Secure data destruction
We’ll securely erase all data bearing storage to the same standard as the MoD, giving you comfort that you’re doing everything you can to protect your organisation’s private and confidential data.
Zero landfill policy
We’ll uninstall and dismantle your physical hardware and cabinets resulting in zero landfill and a big tick in the box for your annual sustainability report.
Potential rebates
We can help you unlock the residual value left in your legacy hardware and awaken hidden value in your IT estate.

How we achieve this:

  • We’re fully registered with the Environment Agency as an Approved Authorisation Treatment Facility (AATF) under Environmental Permit Number EPR/GP3196LY.
  • We’re a founding member of ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) and are one of a handful of organisations to be accredited at Distinction level.
  • We’re DIPCOG certified meaning our processes and facility meets the highest standards set out by the MoD.

Before you enquire about our data centre deconstruction services, consider:

  • Which assets in your data centre are you looking to repurpose elsewhere in your organisation?
  • What is the security classification of the data held on your storage devices? This was all changed in Spring 2014 – you can read all about it and get a full picture of where your data sits at
  • What corporate social responsibility programmes is your organisation involved in? There are some great ways to involve corporate giving into sustainability projects like this.


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