In a world where compute power and storage is increasingly being pushed to the back office, there’s mounting pressure on organisations to keep their server rooms and data centres running at their absolute best, 24/7.


Ensure that your system is running smoothly right to its very core. Improve the performance, security and resilience of your data centre – however big or small – and ultimately improve the experience of the end user with a data centre health check.


What we do:

We have a highly skilled, security-cleared technical team who can perform a thorough check on your data centre’s performance, focusing on:

  • Energy efficiency – we’ll check how effective your power usage is and suggest improvements to things like cooling and lighting
  • Server utilisation – you could be powering more racks than you need. We’ll analyse what you’ve got and how often small changes to the design of your infrastructure could bring big changes
  • Resilience – we’ll identify downtime risks to mission-critical applications and services and suggest areas where you can better protect yourself from hardware failures
  • Security – we’ll perform invasive tests on both the virtual and physical security of your data centre, pointing out any potential holes and how to close them up


How we achieve this:

  • Our own highly knowledgeable, DBS checked engineers and technicians
  • Top level accreditations from the likes of Microsoft and Intel


Before you book a data centre health check, consider:

  • Are there any particular areas your concerned with when it comes to your data centre? (see key areas above)
  • Have you had any recent data security breaches? What was the impact?
  • What feedback do you get from users about their experience in using your systems?


Book a data centre health check