Stone Recovery is a simple and secure solution that backs up your vital data to the cloud.


ICT is a fundamental part of both education and working life, and as such there’s a dependency on data. Important documents and vital employee and/or student information are stored and accessed on a daily basis.


Traditionally, many institutions have often relied on backing up manually to tape, which can be time-consuming and also risky should the tapes be on-site in the event of a fire. Recently, more and more education and public sector organisations are turning to cloud solutions to safely back up their data off-site.


Be more cost effective

Decide how regularly you want back ups to be carried out and how much storage you require, and just pay according to your requirements. Don’t pay for data centre space you don’t need.

Be secure

Ensure that your organisation’s most vital and sensitive data is backed-up securely whilst you get on with you daily job and rest assured that in the event of an incident your data is easily recovered.


How we achieve this:

  • Data backed up to the cloud is held securely in one of our Tier 3 rated UK-based data centres which comply with relevant Data Protection Act requirements.
  • We’ll advise you and help you decide on the regularity of back-ups and storage space required, so you only pay for as much as you need


Before you enquire about Recovery, consider:

  • What’s your current method for backing up vital data?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?
  • What security measures do you currently place on your data back ups?


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