Serverless from Stone brings a cloud experience to the primary classroom that will, for the first time, completely remove the need to buy and maintain depreciating server hardware.


A primary school’s server hasn’t really changed for over 10 years. The traditional approach of a file server, curriculum server and print server was all well and good when learning was confined to the school walls, but education is changing at a rapid pace.


Pupils, teachers, admin staff and parents all need access to data anytime and anywhere – from a child’s home to Starbucks. That experience needs to be securely consistent across all manner of devices from smartphones to laptops.


How it works:

Traditional primary school server environment:

Serverless School:


Get location independent

Students, teachers and staff are empowered to work whenever and wherever they are. Using any internet enabled device, your school’s faculty and pupils can log in and have access to all of their familiar productivity apps like Office and Outlook – complete with all of their saved work.


Be device-agnostic

With Serverless, you can give the same computing experience for all of the people you care about – whatever device they have at home or at school. Whether an iPad, Windows PC or Android smartphone – everyone wins.

Be frugal

Reduce depreciating capital purchases and move to an operating cost model that flexes with what you actually need. Don’t over license for people you may need, and get billed monthly.

Get peace of mind

Be fully compliant with the recommendations of UK Government. Data is stored in the cloud in secure EU locations.

Be supported

Remove the need for on-site network maintenance by going serverless. We provide full remote support to be able to help with any queries you have as soon as they arise – no waiting for on-site engineers to arrive.


How we achieve this:

  • We provide a fully hosted and managed school ICT platform that just works like a utility, leaving you to get on with what you do best.
  • All data held in Microsoft’s EU data centres.
  • 25 years’ experience providing schools and academies of all sizes with transformational technology.
  • Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Azure Black Belt Partner.

Before you enquire about Serverless, consider:

  • What does your current server infrastructure look like?
  • Do you operate any 1:1 or student device schemes? Does each teacher have their own mobile device?
  • How often do you invest in servers? What does a typical investment look like?


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