We understand that investing in a new server or storage solution can be a daunting task. We know it’s important to have a solid setup – you know it’s important. But getting buy-in for a server or storage refresh when budgets are tight can be tricky.


Take your capabilities to the next level. Optimise processes and efficiencies whilst getting value for money.


Our server and storage range is designed to be as flexible and customisable as possible – we’re here to help you achieve what you need to achieve.


Whether it’s something as simple as a new domain controller all the way up to a full enterprise data centre, we can help you get a solution that’s value for money and completely scaleable.


How we achieve this:

  • Over 25 years of experience delivering server and storage solutions into the education and public sectors.
  • Strong relationships with leaders in the field, including Intel, Asus, Tyan, AIC, Lenovo and Fujitsu.


Before you contact us with your server and storage requirements, consider:

  • When was the last time you invested in servers and storage?
  • What kind of spec are you looking for? (we’ve given an idea of what we can supply below)
  • Would you benefit from a converged approach? (see Integrum)


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Form factors


Pedestal Rackmount High end Dual or Quad Node


CPU Families

Intel® High End 5th Generation i7/6th Generation i7 Series Single Socket

Intel® E3v3 & E3v5 Single Socket (E3-1200v3/v5)

Intel® E5v3 Dual Socket (E5-2600v3/4)



DDR4 memory – up to 786GB*


HDD/SSD – Consumer/NAS RAID/CCTV & Enterprise Class

SATA / NL-SAS 2.5”/3.5” 7.2krpm upto 8Tb per drive
SAS (6Gbs / 12Gbs) 2.5” 10/15krpm upto 2Tb per drive
SSD 2.5”/M.2
NVMe SSD 2.5”/M.2 / AIC


Hardware RAID Control / Expansion – 4x / 8x / 16x port (24x/36x Expansion)


Networking – 1Gbe / 10Gbe / 10Gbe SFP+ / 40Gbe / InfiniBand / 100Gbe


PSU – Fixed / Dual Redundant Power