At Stone, we understand that our customers want data centre products designed for outstanding performance and reliability that will address their unique needs. With Intel® Server Systems featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® processor families you can count on trusted performance, quality and reliability to help solve the most complex business challenges.


We’ve recently been awarded a prestigious place with Intel® on the Servers, Storage & Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA) framework which means we’re primed and ready to help you achieve all you want and more from your data centre strategy. What’s more, we’ve also been a key partner with Intel® for over 20 years meaning we have access to all the latest tech solutions that make it easier for you to implement new platforms faster to help drive innovation and user experiences.


What is the Server, Storage and Solutions National Agreement?

The Server, Storage and Solutions National Agreement is a framework that covers the provision of servers, storage and solutions, including converged infrastructure and end to end solutions. It also includes soft services to support the delivery and implementation of these products and solutions.


The purpose of the SSSNA framework is to deliver an efficient and compliant route to market for Higher Education (HE) institutions, by minimising the resource and providing value for money. The framework helps you by reducing your buying cycle and increasing the speed of infrastructure deployments that both information services and research depend on.

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What does this mean for you?

As an Intel® strategic partner on the SSSNA framework, it means you’ll get access to the latest server and data centre technology solutions, such as Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Intel® Optane™ memory and much more within your server systems.


All you need to do is upgrade your existing server infrastructure and transition over to a new platform. And with our partnership with Intel® on the SSSNA framework – this has never been easier or more effective.


In an educational environment that demands an increase in compute, memory and storage capabilities within your existing server systems – Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors support your changing and growing workloads and offer a variety of scalable options to allow you to manage complex workloads demanded by next generation solutions and process data for fast and accurate analysis.


From pre-defined SKUs to configured, bespoke and cost effective server system solutions, our server solutions are packed with an abundance of Intel® components from Intel® Xeon® processors to Intel® Optane™ memory. Meaning you can configure your server to the exact requirements of your institution that provides you with a cost effective, high performing, bespoke platform to help transform your data centre.


And what’s more – this latest Intel® datacentre technology is built into our entire range of server systems and L9 solutions. Providing you with more powerful, higher performing and cost effective platform to accelerate digital transformation within your data centre and institution.

Revolutionary technology right at your finger tips

Intel’s latest revolutionary technology platforms are a game changer in education that intelligently accelerates hardware and performance, whilst delivering a highly intelligent and amazingly responsive computing experience.


The latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors are really what drives our passion for server solutions here at Stone and are designed for powerful performance, scalability and resiliency to enable a wide range of existing and emerging workloads.


Trust, reliability, and proven performance. These are just some of the reasons Intel and Stone are preferred providers of server technology and products in the SSSNA framework. We understand the needs of the modern data centre and harness our experience to deliver a broad portfolio of innovative server products, systems, and solutions to help your institution grow.


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Features of Intel® Xeon® processors

These next generation Intel® server systems and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors offer a multitude of enhanced features compared to historic platforms. Making transitioning over to this new technology seamless and effective.


Here are a few key features about the latest Intel® Xeon® processor family that we think you might like to know:

  • Unified stack – designed for the widest range of key workloads and optimised data
  • Huge leap – enhanced performance and capabilities ahead of increased competition
  • Synergies – collaboration of networking acceleration and storage
  • Scalable, secure and agile – the greatest variety of features in comparison to previous platforms
  • Per core performance – faster application response time and lower software license costs
  • Socket level performance – increased multi-tenancy and VM density for cloud
  • Memory and PCIe – high bandwidth connections for networking and memory performance
  • Workload acceleration – application specific instructions and accelerators
  • Agility – cloud-optimised architecture
  • Security – low performance overhead to run security platform built for a more trusted infrastructure

Transitioning to a new server technology platform

These new technologies and Intel® server systems, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are set to change the way your data centre works. And beyond the hardware, what makes this new technology truly unique is the ability to align the data centre ecosystem to fully unleash the platform’s performance and provide you with the power of educational innovation.


These new platforms represent the biggest technology advancements in this decade, delivering exceptional workload-optimised performance and hardware-enhanced security. Making this a truly enticing opportunity to transition today and provide your institution with the next level in digital transformation.


Take a look at some of the benefits you’ll experience by transitioning over to a new server platform with Stone and Intel® Xeon® processors:

  • Up to 28 powerful cores for better scalability and performance
  • 6 DDR4 memory channels for balanced bandwidth
  • Up to 3TB memory with 2 CPUs – 50% more compared to previous Intel® Xeon® platforms
  • Up to 4.28x more VMs per server compared to a 4 year old server platform
  • Up to 65% lower TCO and better performance when upgrading to a new server system
  • Rapid service deployment, server utilisation, energy costs and space efficiency
  • Higher memory speeds of up to 2666MHz
  • Better memory configuration
  • 2S – 8S+ for scalability
  • Olympic performance to get the best out of your server systems and data centre platform


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Take a look at the range of Stone server systems available

As one of only a handful of Intel® Strategic Partners to be offering these new platforms into education – we’re here to help.


If you’d like to find out more information on the server solutions available to you through the SSSNA framework, our partnership with Intel® and Intel® Xeon® technology, get in touch.


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