Stone Unity is an ICT harmonisation solution designed for multi academy trusts. It facilitates a controlled migration to the cloud.


As a multi academy trust, you have a unique opportunity to deliver an exceptional IT service to benefit a number of schools.


But we understand that multi academy trusts, particularly new ones, face a number of key challenges when it comes to IT. IT in trusts can be inconsistent, diverse and ultimately expensive. With schools being at different points of investment and having different approaches to security and data management, a great experience can be difficult to deliver. That’s why we created Stone Unity.


Be seamless

Harness the power of your network and provide a truly personalised learning experience. Enable BYOD and 1:1 device programmes through seamless access to IT, from any device, from anywhere. We can help empower you to improve communication and collaboration across the trust through IT that just works.


Be ready

Migrate your schools to the cloud at a rate that suits you. We understand that moving completely to cloud is a daunting process, so take it at your own pace. Secondary schools are taken through a two-step process, moving first to hybrid infrastructure and then ultimately to the cloud, and primaries become serverless and bolt on to their lead school. Whatever timescale suits you best, we can adapt.


Be free

Create the environment needed to share information freely and securely across your trust. Encourage teachers to share ideas and best practice to raise standards and provide the best learning experience possible to each and every school.


How it works:

Start by implementing a hybrid infrastructure in your lead school, powered by Integrum.
Connect other schools in your trust to your infrastructure via Azure, whenever you’re ready.
Eventually, schools across the trust will be connected via Unity.


How we achieve this:

  • Hybrid infrastructure based around the lead school allows for centralised control and management.
  • Migration to cloud means less downtime, less hardware to maintain, and more secure access.
  • It’s a completely scalable solution – add new schools to the network as and when they’re ready.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Azure Black Belt giving peace of mind that you have the very best technical expertise always on hand.
  • 25 years’ experience providing schools and academies of all sizes with transformational technology.


Before you enquire about Unity, consider:

  • How long have you been/been part of an Academy Trust? Or how long before you become one?
  • How many schools are involved? What does the split look like in terms of primary/secondary?
  • What does the IT estate look like now?
  • Are any elements of your Trust’s IT currently cloud-based?