We understand that effectively supporting end users is a fundamental part of keeping the IT of public sector organisations or educational institutions running as smoothly as possible. And while there are some benefits to outsourcing your help desk, sometimes this isn’t commercially viable or politically palatable.


Be the go-to guys for your end users. Make sure they’re receiving efficient and effective support from your IT department day-in-day-out.


What we do:

We can help you identify areas for improvement when it comes to your help desk. We’ll talk to you and your end users to really understand where the gaps are and how support could be improved. We’ll advise you on the steps to take your IT support to the next level, whether it’s changes to your systems, people or processes.


How we achieve this:

  • Honest, helpful and knowledgeable technical team with years of combined experience in education and the public sector.
  • 25 years’ experience providing services and support to public sector organisations of all sizes.


Before you book a help desk audit, consider:

  • What feedback do you get from end users when it comes to their experience with your help desk?
  • Which areas of providing IT support do you find most challenging?


Book a helpdesk audit