Figuring out the best way to structure your IT service and delivery model is one of the toughest jobs any organisation has to make do. Getting it right can literally save or cost an organisation millions, so it’s no wonder it’s a high priority for most IT Directors.


With public sector budgets being squeezed year after year, more and more organisations are turning to Service Integration and Management (SIAM) models as a way to get the service and delivery model that’s right for them while protecting agility.


SIAM structures IT within service towers, meaning delivery is flexible and open to different organisations offering up what they do best in their respective areas. It’s a move away from big business process outsourcing companies managing every aspect of IT in huge outsourcing contracts that the Government argues don’t always provide the organisation or the taxpayer with best value.


Get the right delivery model to move your IT service forward, use your stretched internal team to do what they do best and get an accurate picture of what all your IT partners are doing with our SIAM services.


What we do:

We offer a bespoke and cost effective SIAM service that puts you in control, but not at the expense of achieving everything else you’ve set out to do.

  • We can work to help you improve ICT delivery by designing a specific SIAM model to meet your particular objectives. This means you get what’s right for you, not us or other SIAM delivery partners.
  • As the SIAM service provider, we’ll take away the headache of managing the wide array of different vendors and suppliers that can come as part of a shift to a SIAM model. You tell us how you want it managing, and we’ll help you draw up contracts and SLAs that we make sure they all adhere to, meaning you get to use your resource where it can make the most powerful impact.
  • We provide full customised reporting packages and real-time business intelligence to make sure you’ve got a clear view of the ICT delivery model’s current performance across any number of KPIs you determine across customer service or ICT delivery. This way, you always have full visibility of your IT estate.


How we achieve this:

  • A skilled team of senior consultants with hundreds of years of combined experience working on service transformation projects across education and the public sector.
  • As an agile SME on the larger size, we don’t have the huge cost bases of the large MSPs or BPOs. This means we can offer more responsive service at a fraction of the cost of larger outfits.
  • UK only support. Everyone you deal with, from our consultants through to our service helpdesk staff, are all based in the UK and will only ever be based in the UK.


Before you enquire about our SIAM services, consider:

  • Have a preliminary think about the different areas that ICT is delivered to currently. (e.g. network, servers etc)
  • How far are you into your cloud journey? How might this change?
  • Which services are mission critical? Sometimes it’s normal to make a list and sort them by high, medium or low impact in the event of downtime.


Ask about SIAM services