When looking to out-task your systems to improve service or reduce costs, you need to ensure you’re taking your internal teams on the right journey and that the process is seamless. All too often organisations leave themselves open to reprisal from employees unhappy with how the TUPE process has been carried out.


Get the change you want, create the right structure to match your ambitions and get peace of mind – all with the least amount of missed detail possible with our TUPE and legal consultancy from Stone.


What we do:

We have skilled HR and legal professionals available to slot into any IT managed services project that involves out-tasking or outsourcing IT operations to a third party (whether that’s us or someone else).

  • We can provide HR and legal support to ensure that your support transition is handled carefully and considerately – significantly reducing the chance of missed detail or errors.
  • We provide full TUPE support to manage the change with minimum disruption giving the outcome that’s right for both organisation and employee alike.
  • We work to achieve a strong link to your wider corporate and HR strategy, meaning you get the right structure to match your ambitions.
  • We navigate the regulatory environment and make it work operationally – reducing the risk of the overall programme of change.


How we achieve this:

  • We have over 25 years’ experience providing out-tasked support to a range of education and public sector organisations.
  • With a network of skilled legal professionals covering the whole of the UK, we provide a seamless experience blending technology and HR.
  • A confidential and mindful approach. We know this journey won’t be without its challenges and we apply the utmost professionalism to every project that we partner on.


Before you enquire about our legal consultancy and TUPE services, consider:

  • Who are the stakeholders internally that need to be consulted?
  • What’s your communication plan? This is often the forgotten sibling of TUPE and in our experience where many projects go south.


Ask about our legal consultancy and TUPE services