After 25 years, we understand the challenges that education and public sector organisations often have with IT. Balancing the upkeep of an existing estate to ensure smooth day-to-day running with planning a future-looking strategy can be tough, and often innovation loses out to convenience.


You might have some of the best technical people, but developing an outcomes-focused IT strategy to really move your organisation forward takes a business mind. You might have some great leaders, but they may lack the technical know-how and experience to articulate and implement an IT vision.


Achieve everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve with IT. Take not just your technology but your organisation to the next level with a future-proof, sustainable and scalable strategy.


What we do:

We can help by discussing your vision for technology in your organisation, as well as your overall goals. We’ll then put in place a virtual IT director to develop, deliver and guide your IT strategy to where it needs to be. Once any changes have been implemented, we can provide ongoing support, advice and further consultancy to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology investments.


How we achieve this:

  • 25 years’ experience providing education and the public sector with a range of hardware, solutions and services to help them achieve their strategic goals.
  • Knowledgeable and honest technical team who take a business-minded approach, focusing on saving you money and getting the most out of your resources.


Before you enquire about a Virtual IT Director, consider:

  • Do you currently have any sort of IT strategy in place? Has it been achieved?
  • Do you think you’re spending more money on IT than you need to be?
  • Are you a technical person struggling to get management buy-in for projects?
  • Or – are you senior manager with aspirational goals for technology who lacks the expertise to convert these goals into achievable objectives?


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