Audits and Consultations

Building your organisation’s digital vision and strategy can often involve a lot of work. Enlisting professional services from Stone Group can play a fundamental role in helping you to achieve your goals and help you to move forward with your digital agenda. We can support organisations and institutions with professional consultations and audits to build an accurate picture of your IT infrastructure and determine how to push it forward.


Audits for Licensing and Compliance

Software licensing can be challenging to navigate, but getting things right in this area is vital. Unlicensed software leaves your organisation exposed to financial, legal, and cybersecurity threats. We offer comprehensive audits to ensure that you are compliant with all the relevant regulations, as well as making sure that the software you use gives you the value you need, improving your organisation’s efficiency and productivity.

Stone Group Consultation Services

At Stone Group, we provide a comprehensive range of consultation services that support your business’ development. Our consultation services help to ascertain the best use of technology to support your organisation, determining how best to move technology forward and then put these measures in place. Our in-depth, thorough consultations are designed to help you get the most out of your investment into IT, backed by our extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We will work with you to evaluate where you are now, determine where you need to be and then create an action plan to support that, We can provide outstanding support, whether you are looking to upgrade your hardware to new and more powerful options, want a server solution that supports the growth of your organisation, or need support with software.

Ensuring staff buy in to new digital solutions and new ways of working is essential in determining success. Our range of training and support services ensure that your staff are trained in a manner and at a time which works best for your organisation and establishing a successful adoption of new technologies.

Professional Support with Cost-Comparison and Benchmarking

We provide dedicated consultation services to help you compare the cost of technology and software options, allowing you to make the right decisions to support your organisational goals. By working closely with you to understand your budget as well as your unique requirements, we can identify the most cost-effective and useful solutions to help you achieve your aims.

We are recognised as a leader when it comes to IT infrastructure and consulting. We will provide transparent and honest advice about the most appropriate options for your organisational needs and budget. We benchmark all of the solutions we consider against industry standards, making it straightforward for you to understand your options and make an informed decision about how to move forward.


Consultations You Can Trust

Stone Group are renowned as a leading provider of IT consultation and audit services, having worked with a wide range of organisations and institutions, including educational and healthcare settings. Our staff are highly trained and qualified, making them ideally placed to provide honest and reliable advice, support and training to your organisation.

Our comprehensive range of consultation and audit services are intended to help you reach your goals for developing your IT infrastructure and advancing the operations of your organisation. If you would benefit from our consultation services that help to make your digital vision a reality, get in touch with one of our account managers to find out more about what we can offer, or to discuss your organisation’s goals and requirements.

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