Innovative Tech for the Public Sector

We've helped thousands of public sector clients improve their IT landscape with our cutting-edge solutions. Our team of dedicated public sector specialists design, supply, and install tailor-made solutions for local government, healthcare, and emergency services across the UK to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability within the sector. 

IT Solutions for Digital Transformation

At Stone Group, we understand the diverse needs of the modern public sector and so we develop IT solutions designed to improve the level of service offered by public sector organisations while keeping budget restrictions and cost-effectiveness in mind. We can help public sector organisations to run more efficiently around an agile IT network that can flex and scale to meet the needs of new challenges.

With over three decades of experience working to develop high-performance solutions for the public sector, our public sector experts can help you to build your organisation's technology around your key priorities. Combining our own branded products and services with products supplied by leading brands like HP, Microsoft, Ergotron and Lenovo. Our public sector technology solutions can transform your organisation, improving reliability, accuracy, and efficiency while adding value for service end-users. 

Our public sector IT solutions include:

- Managed server solutions
- Flexible IT services and infrastructure support
- Versatile end-user devices to enable flexible working
- Recycling services for unwanted technology
- Productivity software and licensing services
- Cyber-security solutions
- High tech crime units

At Stone Group, we work closely with all of our clients, offering expert advice and guidance while ensuring that you have complete ownership of your project from start to finish.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Great tech is about working smarter; with our digital solutions, public sector industries can streamline and organise their workflow patterns, increasing productivity and delivering better value for taxpayers and service users. We work with clients across multiple areas of the public sector, including local government and healthcare, to deliver tailored digital solutions that can help organisations to flourish even in the face of new challenges.

Emergency Services

At Stone Group, we deliver state of the art IT solutions to the UK's emergency service authorities. From our High Tech Crime Units to delivering portable technology that's fully integrated with the Emergency Services Network (ESN), our IT solutions for emergency services can make a difference when it matters most.


The NHS is a complex system that spans the entirety of the UK and is responsible for saving thousands of lives every day. Our custom-built digital solutions for hospitals, GPs, and other healthcare providers across the country can improve communication between patients and professionals, aid with administrative tasks, and enable the secure and reliable storage of confidential patient information.

Local Government

Our tailored IT solutions for local government and councils have enabled councils across the country to do more for the communities they serve by improving efficiency and aiding communication between the government and the community. Our solutions include the design and installation of contemporary meeting rooms with cutting-edge AV equipment, the implementation of productivity software, and the provision of a fast, effective network infrastructure that both streamline work and improve network security.

Why Choose Us?

At Stone Group, we have over 25 years of experience working to develop integrated technology solutions for public sector organisations and bodies, including local government and councils, emergency services, and healthcare facilities. We have a dedicated public sector team that specialises in creating contemporary solutions for a contemporary public sector.

Launch your digital transformation today with our cost-effective IT solutions for public sector organisations. Contact us at Stone Group to get started.