Networking and Infrastructure

Your IT network infrastructure represents the foundation of your organisation’s day-to-day operations. At Stone Group, we offer premium network cabling services to help institutions find the right infrastructure solutions to suit. From amazingly efficient Wi-Fi products to unbeatably secure server storage, we can put together an IT network infrastructure designed to facilitate growth.

Our Services

Our services cover all parts of your IT network infrastructure to create a reliable and future proof IT landscape from hardware to data cabling and security.


Your hardware includes some of the most important devices in your business, such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, etc. We can help to keep your devices safe and secure while allowing you to procure additional items if or when required.


Up-to-date software is vital for most business-critical operations. With an almost endless array of options for team leaders to choose from, however, purchasing and subscribing to new software can be daunting. At Stone Group, we maintain strong partnerships with industry-leading providers to ensure all customers enjoy the best software relevant to their industries. Whether you run a higher education establishment or a small private business, we’ve got you covered.

End-to-End Solutions

Our network infrastructure solutions include the possibility of a total overhaul of your IT system. If you’re hoping to start from scratch, we can offer end-to-end services that could transform the productivity of your operations.



Future-Proof your Organisation with Our Network Cabling Services

At Stone Group, we hire only the best IT network engineers who are committed to offering unparalleled levels of customer service. Whether you’re tech-savvy or new to the world of networking, our team are on hand to offer honest advice based on the needs of your organisation. Wherever we can, we will try to reduce your operating costs while ensuring your data is protected.


Additional Services

Data Cabling

At Stone Group, our mission is to eliminate inefficient cabling; forget slow and inefficient hardware and software. We offer a range of solutions, including fibre cabling, that could supercharge the speed of your operations.

Network Infrastructure Security

It has never been more important to protect your IT systems from cybercriminals. As threats grow in number and sophistication, you need a company like Stone Group on your side to implement robust infrastructure security protections that will shield your hardware and servers from infiltration. Remember – a security incident could seriously affect the profitability or reputation of your company, so protecting your IT systems should be a top priority.


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