Deployment Services You Can Rely On

With minimal disruption, fast timeframes and on budget, Stone's deployment services will take the hassle out of launching new technologies within your organisation.

Trust in the Launch of New Systems

By ensuring consistent and coordinated collaboration between stakeholders and our team of specialists, no matter the extent of your business, whether it's big or small, Stone can deliver the whole process efficiently, no matter how complicated your system deployment project.

If your business spans numerous locations and different sites, then you might need your new technologies to cover this extensive area. Such processes can be worrying, time-consuming and expensive for a business. This area is where our experts can help. Stone's IT deployment services in the UK can remove all and any hassle, simplify the process and coordinate the entire operation quickly and in an organised manner.

Software Deployment Advantages for Your Business

Choosing to deploy software systems through one of our available software deployment solutions brings a variety of benefits to your IT environment.

Multi-architectural solutions

Our team of highly skilled professionals are on hand to provide end-to-end solutions, covering Cisco’s four core architectures; networking, security, data centre and collaboration.

Software Adoption

Our dedicated Cisco Customer Experience team will work in-line with your requirements, ensuring the technology you’re investing in meets your business goals.

Managed Services

Our 24x7 Operation Centre can provide proactive managed services to optimise the uptime and functionality of your infrastructure.

Complete IT Asset Management

When you’ve invested in your IT infrastructure, it’s important to protect your assets against loss or theft. IT asset management is essential for these reasons, and also to ensure compliance within your organisation. When you choose Stone Group for IT asset deployment, we also include our asset management services for your ongoing peace of mind and ease of operation.

We will work with you to implement effective asset management strategies, including asset tracking that enhances security, gives your organisation complete control over its IT assets, and therefore helps to reduce operating costs. We use advanced asset tagging that ensures devices remain visible and make it easier to deploy company-wide device upgrades. This low-cost, yet highly effective solution is appropriate for IT infrastructures of any size or scale.

Create a More Dynamic Infrastructure

Our experts can upgrade, deploy and manage thousands of devices across thousands of locations in a limited time frame. Our IT deployment services help companies implement new technology or refresh existing systems without downtime, meaning you'll save time and money benefitting from the latest technology quicker.

Your dedicated project manager will see that we stay on schedule and within your budget, guaranteeing attention to detail isn't missed, and no missteps lead to significant delays. Not only this, but we provide post-deployment services, including:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • A user-friendly web portal
  • In-house support staff and engineers
  • Commercial service level agreements
  • Reports and MI.
  • Staff courses and training sessions
  • Secure IT asset disposal

Leading IT Deployment Services

Stone Group are widely recognised as a UK leader for IT deployment services across a broad range of sectors. Our highly experienced team of engineers and technical staff have real expertise, with several decades of experience deploying a vast range of custom IT solutions. Our secure and professional service, along with the quality of the IT solutions we have to offer make us a trusted partner for businesses in a wide variety of industries throughout the UK.

Deployment Services We Offer

Stone offers several bespoke deployment services; some of them include:

  • IT systems built to order
  • Autopilot Deployment Services
  • Imaging, such as SCCM imaging
  • BIOS Configurations
  • Asset tags and security marking
  • Bonded storage
  • Professional inventory administration
  • Flexible warranties
  • Installing and delivering new IT systems to your desk


How Can Stone Group Help?

At Stone, the entire team pride itself on our capacity to assist companies during a period of transition. You can rely on us to improve productivity and streamline processes using our experienced IT services.

Contact our team today to find out more about how Stone can assist your system into becoming more efficient.