All-in-one software for network, classroom, safeguarding and asset management. Perfect for managing and monitoring any windows and chrome device from a centralised web portal.

Who is Senso?

Senso has expertly crafted a range of effective device monitoring and management tools, giving you the power to support, report, track and manage your devices. Senso offers a range of packages tailored to assist you in supporting and managing your devices from anywhere at any time. Crafted with you in mind, they are designed to give you the choice to buy only what you need.  

Why Senso?


Designed for scale
From one room filled with thirty machines to tens of thousands of machines dotted all over the world, Senso can cope with any scale of users. So, if you need the freedom and flexibility to access and control, we can give it to you no matter what your size.

Power at your fingertips
All our bundles come with our essential tools for IT management. With features such as remote control, lock screen and google classroom sync you can support and manage your devices from anywhere at any time.

Peace of mind
Senso’s web content filter uses A.I combined human verification to ensure over 99% accuracy for categorising web content into topic-based, objectionable, and malicious categories. With malicious detection and an ability to identify and block inappropriate web addresses, you can rest easy knowing that your users are safe and protected online.

Fast and reliable service
Senso prides itself on the support we provide to its users. With our live chat feature, Senso’s team provides quick and helpful support as and when you need it.


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