Managed IT Support Services

Forget about the burden and time-consuming tasks of managing your own IT infrastructure. Through our managed services, you can tap into the knowledge and experience of a high-level team and cutting-edge infrastructure to take care of everything IT-related whether needed on-site or remotely. To learn more about our IT managed services, contact our sales team today.

Why Opt for Stone's Managed IT Services Instead of In-House Teams?

There are many reasons why modern organisations opt to outsource their IT to professional third-party providers:


As your organisation changes, so will your IT needs.  An in-house team may not have all of the necessary skills to adopt new technologies which can distract from your core objectives.

Managed services not only free up your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to do — it also enables you to fill in gaps as needed. Stone offer flexible service models to ensure we offer the right packages to meet your organisation needs.  Anything from acting as a 3rd line support partner through to outsourcing your organisations entire IT department.


You have a dedicated team of specialists who take care of your IT requirements without needing to tap into your own workforce. With managed services, you get robust and resourceful teams  supporting your users, and none of the hassle or stress of hiring internally.

Service management and continuous improvement ensures that the service that is provided continues to evolve as your organisation changes.


Continuity of service is of paramount importance to any organisation.  Through our Stone assist service, the worry of staff absence is removed from your concerns as we have the strength in depth to support your organisation.

Reliable, Secure IT Solutions for Central Government

How to Know Which Service is Best for your Business?

With a simple Google Search, you will find hundreds of managed services providers, so how do you make the right choice? Let’s take a look at some essentials:

First, you want to hire a company that offers IT support aligned with your business objectives, and that offers a clear path to scalability which allows you to increase or decrease services according to different business stages. Your best option is a company that works closely with you in creating a bespoke, flexible plan that adapts as your business grows.

Next, you want to focus on high-quality customer support. Because of the importance of managed IT services, you need a team of professionals that is there for you 24/7, and can guide you through critical issues or answer important questions.

Last, make sure that the company you choose partners with key players in the IT ecosystem. This is extremely important, as companies offering managed services rely on other providers for cloud-related solutions such as storage and security-related software.

Why Choose Stone?

After being in business for 30 years, we understand our customers' needs. Our tailored IT support services allow you to optimise your assets without relinquishing control. Through our Stone Assured service, we offer a solution for businesses with existing infrastructures. On the other hand, we have the Stone Assist programme, whose focus is to develop targeted solutions for primary schools.