Family Fund

Stone Group is proud to have partnered with Family Fund for well over a decade now. Working together, we help improve the lives of families raising seriously ill or disabled young people through the provision of essential technologies.

What is Family Fund?

Family Fund is one of the UK’s largest charities dedicated to improving the lives of disabled or seriously ill children and their families. The organisation awards grants to low-income families comprising of at least one eligible child. Grants can be used to finance a vast range of goods and services including sensory toys, much-needed family getaways, furniture, bedding, play equipment, clothing, and digital devices such as tablets and computers.

As well as giving financial aid to struggling families, Family Fund helps to meet the broader support needs of vulnerable young people. The charity offers information and advice alongside grant provisions and works hard to create friendly support networks consisting of families and social care professionals. Its employees also advocate strongly for the needs of low-income families, stopping at nothing to raise awareness of issues surrounding disability.

In short, Family Fund was created to help seriously ill and disabled children thrive against the odds, helping them to achieve their dreams through much-needed material support.

Stone Group and Family Fund: A Match Made in Heaven

So, where does Stone Group come into all of this? As one of the best-known providers of IT support and solutions within the education sector, we have long known the importance of access to technologies during childhood. Lack of internet access, for example, can hinder a young person’s ability to explore the world and successfully engage with their schoolwork. Digital access is particularly vital for disabled or severely ill children, many of whom don’t have access to traditional learning environments.

To combat access problems, therefore, we deliver all kinds of IT equipment such as desktops, laptops, and tablets to families across the country, tailoring our packages to suit the needs of each individual family.

On top of that, we also work with assistive technology partners, to ensure that families receive the support they need to make the most of the devices we provide. No child should be disconnected from our increasingly digital world, which can help young people make friends, learn new skills, and discover amazing facts from the comfort of their very own home.

Interested in Family Fund? 

If you have any questions about applying for a grant, Family Fund can be reached on 01904 550055