Manufacturing and Recycling at Stone HQ

At Stone Group, we are proud to Manufacture our devices and recycle redundant tech all in the UK. From our 100,000 square foot facility based in the heart of Staffordshire we provide circular IT solutions for education, public and private sectors.

Manufacturing our Stone Devices 

Not only do we work with leading global brands, but we also manufacture our own devices, offering a range of bespoke configurations, so that your desktop can be tailored to your unique requirements. Our laptops are subjected to rigorous heat and stress tests to ensure their durability and if that wasn't enough, we also manufacture servers to meet your secure data storage requirements.


Stone Group have two build lines where we build laptops, all in one devices and desktop PC's. In 2021 alone, we built 50,269 units in total down both lines one and two. 



Download the Revolutionary Stone 360 App Today 


Download our multi-award winning Stone 360 app and be part of a game-changing revolution in IT recycling.

At the touch of a button you can manage your recycling collection, take true control of your sustainability and be rewarded for it.

Simple, Safe and Secure Recycling

Built on our core value of sustainability, Stone IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) can assist your organisation by responsibly and securely disposing of your end-of-life equipment whilst enhancing your green credentials. Carried out at our award-winning recycling facility at our Staffordshire HQ, our ITAD service is simple, secure and effective. Our recycling facility is fully accredited by the Environmental Agency and awarded a Distinction from ADISA, as well as industry leading certifications from Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, DIPCOG and more. Our accreditations display our recognition as a responsible ITAD provider that you can trust.

Our sustainable 360° approach to IT can simplify lifecycle management and provide cost benefits for our customers, whilst helping to off-set the environmental impacts of the technology industry. We have heavily invested in our award-winning ITAD and continue to do so. Not only to be a true circular IT provider, but also as a leading ambassador for a greener environment.


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