At Stone Group, we work closely with clients across multiple sectors and industries to configure custom IT solutions based on your organisation's current infrastructure, budget, and needs. 

Tailored IT Solutions For Any Organisation

Our configuration services include the design and deployment of tailored IT configurations across your organisation. Our team of IT experts can consider any and all aspects of your IT infrastructure, optimising them for scalability, operation, and security.

Our bespoke IT configurations can include but are not limited to:

  • Building a comprehensive plan to install and roll out your new IT features across the organisation
  • SCCM imaging, which can help us tailor your organisation's hardware to its unique needs.
  • An extensive range of devices and solutions from world-leading brands and providers.
  • Our own range of fully customisable Stone Group desktops and notebooks

Every IT Element Configured For You

Configuration is all about making small adaptations that create big changes. Each organisation we work with has individual needs which require an individual solution; this is why all of our IT solutions are configured precisely to each client.

At Stone Group, our IT solutions are comprehensive, covering every detail of your organisation's IT infrastructure. We can configure every detail of your organisation's hardware, software, storage, network, and other key aspects of your IT systems to ensure they are optimised for your organisation's needs.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that every change we plan and implement is exactly what's right for you and your staff. Our IT configuration services are founded in a philosophy centred on bringing our IT expertise to your solutions while ensuring that you feel in control of every change we make.


Configure Your IT Systems With Stone Group

At Stone Group, we have over 30 years of experience in delivering tailored IT solutions for organisations and public sector institutions across the UK. Our professional advisors can work with you to develop fully tailored solutions to your organisation's needs, choosing software, hardware, and services from a huge range of world-leading providers to ensure that every detail of our IT solutions is the right fit for you.
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For IT solutions that are created with you in mind, contact us at Stone Group today to discuss our IT configuration services.