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Founded in the 1960s, Garibaldi College has gone from strength-to-strength, innovating education over the years for 11 to 18 year olds. With a built-to-last mantra, they strive to offer an engaging educational experience.

Today, Garibaldi College is ranked amongst the top 5% in the country. The College supports a number of users at its campus in Forest Town, Mansfield including students, teaching staff and administrators.

The College aims to create a supportive and caring learning community that gives all students the confidence and opportunity to achieve and prepare them for a successful adult life.


After a thorough process, Stone were awarded the new managed service contract and set about transferring the service. This included liaising with the previous provider to gain systems information and undertake the TUPE process. With a robust plan of action in place, Stone quickly began implementing an effective, professional managed service through their six stage service transfer process:

  • Contractual/commercial detail
  • Support Structure Agreement
  • Staff transfers
  • Contractual agreement
  • User training
  • Implementation

Winning the hearts and minds of staff from day one was key to the success of the service and a clean, orderly service transfer.

The project started a week earlier than scheduled at no extra cost to the school. This enabled Stone to use the half term break to fully familiarise themselves with the legacy solution and get started on the 46 outstanding calls. By the end of the second week into the project, more than 90% of the original 46 calls were closed.

When the staff and students returned to school after the break they found that many of the long standing issues had been resolved and a Stone Service Delivery Manager (SDM) had joined their team. The SDM and Garibaldi College’s Assistant Head, Ryan Hawley, briefed the staff on the changes that had taken place and explained a number of other areas including:

  • Why Stone was the College’s chosen partner
  • The structure and resources involved in the managed service
  • How calls are correctly logged
  • The benefit of logging calls correctly
  • How to check call progress
  • How Stone would keep staff up-to-date with strategic progress

The induction session was a great kick off to the managed service and has helped the College to change the ‘corridor culture’. Calls quickly began to be logged via the managed service portal. This enabled users to see progress of their issues in real time and allowed the Stone SDM and helpdesk to manage issues more effectively.

The helpdesk data is also used by the Service Delivery Manager to report to the College’s Senior User – Rachel Griffiths. Rachel is Garibaldi’s Finance Manager with overall responsibility for the IT infrastructure. During service transfer, the SDM and Rachel agreed how they would like Stone to report on progress and risks to the college. As a direct result of this, the Service Delivery Manager and Garibaldi’s Finance Manager undertake a monthly service review to provide:

  • Monthly incident summary
  • SLA performance summary
  • Unresolved incident analysis
  • Incident cause analysis
  • User satisfaction surveys
  • System capacity report
  • Risks and issues logs
  • Overview of lessons learned and ways of continuous improvement

The first priority for the managed service project was to achieve a stable and robust ICT environment that enabled Garibaldi College to confidently build good practice around embedding ICT into the curriculum. This was achieved by augmenting the on-site provision TUPE’d from the previous provider with Stone’s Staffordshire based Network Operations Centre (NOC). This provided a central control that triages calls and quickly deploys to either local technicians, specialist dial-in support or escalates to third parties as appropriate.

Once the college began to see green shoots of confidence return, they asked Stone to help them look to the future. The college was assigned an Education Specialist to help them develop a strategy which would make the most of the funding and resources available with the maximum possible impact in the classroom.

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