Emergency Services

Stone Group has been offering cutting-edge tech solutions for emergency service providers for over 25 years. Discover the best IT solutions for when it matters.

There is perhaps no other sector in which speed, efficiency, and effectiveness are more important than in emergency services. Today, technology and IT are a huge part of delivering an effective emergency service, with IT systems relied upon for fast communication, reliable data storage, and quality monitoring. At Stone Group, we supply IT solutions and cutting-edge technology for emergency service providers across the UK, including:

  • Fire and rescue
  • Ambulance service
  • Police
  • Coastguards and lifeboats

With our wealth of experience working closely with emergency departments, we know just how much this work matters. All of our tech solutions for emergency services are efficient, accurate, and reliable.

Technology that Saves Lives

The difference between good and bad technology can save lives when it comes to the emergency services. At Stone Group, we deliver tech solutions for fire and rescue, police, and ambulance services that are tailor-made for this sector. Combining our own branded products with others created by world-leading brands, we can design IT solutions around the needs and priorities of your service. Updating your technology means:


Better tech means faster, more efficient communication both online and offline. This equates to attending emergencies faster and improving productivity with our range of tech solutions for emergency service providers.


Our high-performance tech solutions won't let you down when it really matters. We can install and manage your tech infrastructure to enable convenient access across multiple devices within a seamlessly connected network.


We can create a digital infrastructure that can help you to store data accurately and safely, keeping important information confidential and ensuring records are easy to source and keep up to date within GDPR guidelines.

IT Solutions for Any Emergency

Our experienced public sector team works closely with each client to develop and deliver IT solutions matched to the needs of any project. With extensive expertise working with emergency services to deliver fully integrated tech, at Stone Group, we can help your service to reach its full potential. Some of the IT solutions that we've provided to emergency services in the past include:

  • Monitoring, managing, and supporting your digital infrastructure for reliability and security.
  • Implementing a range of collaborative technology designed to boost connectivity and promote seamless communication.- Designing and installing High-Tech Crime Units to keep police officers safe and effective.
  • Deploying cutting-edge technology that allows for accurate monitoring and reporting.
  • Providing portable technology that's fully integrated with the Emergency Services Network (ESN).
  • Supplying and installing peripherals, software, and security accessories to support and streamline your operations.

Whatever you need, our industry experts can design a digital infrastructure for police units, fire and rescue teams, and ambulance services that are designed for efficient, effective emergency response.



Why Choose Us?

With over 25 years of industry experience in supplying IT and technology to emergency services in the UK, you can count on us to source and deliver advanced technology that's tailored to your requirements. We boast an extensive portfolio of products and services centred around your needs. We approach every project on an individual basis, ensuring our solutions are the perfect fit for your outfit.

Work with us and we'll show you how cutting-edge technology can save lives. Contact us today at Stone Group to find out more about our IT solutions for emergency services across the UK.