Expertly Trained Staff

If you choose a managed service solution to handle your business’ IT needs, you want to make sure you have the best professionals behind it. Stone Group has an exceptional team of highly trained IT experts to take care of everything for you, from implementation to problem-solving.

Technology is Always Changing, so let Expert Staff Help You Keep Up

Almost every business in the modern world relies on technology in one way or another, and for most of them, it plays an essential role in how internal functions and services are executed. As technology advances and keeps shifting, businesses are forced to keep up with software and hardware updates that can be a real financial burden. The good news is, through cloud solutions and managed services, business owners have the chance to outsource their IT needs to teams of expertly trained staff, optimising resources and allowing for fast innovation. 


Expert IT teams can execute precise and advanced solutions to problems that can impact the internal functioning of a company. This means your own workforce can focus on other important issues, like customer satisfaction, innovation, and product development, helping you grow faster. 


Stone Group’s Solutions

Our workforce is made up of a network of highly qualified engineers, who are divided into two important groups:

Field engineers: Great problem solvers, they provide technical assistance and offer support on handling existing infrastructure or assisting in new projects.

On-site engineers: These experts can fix problems almost in real-time, avoiding any disruptions to your services.

At our proprietary repair centre – located at our headquarters in Stafford – our skilled IT technicians can fix any device to a high standard. We also offer dedicated transportation services, with screened drivers who transport your equipment. To ensure the safety of all equipment, we have equipped our vans with load-weighing systems and cameras.


We Help You Keep Your Business Compliant and Your Data Safe


Compliance and safety can be two of the most important challenges for any new business. A data leak can translate into losing your customers’ trust and can be catastrophic to a business of any size. On the other hand, having a dedicated in-house team to control safety and compliance can be extremely expensive and require important hardware (which is also expensive and difficult to maintain).

By choosing to let a team of dedicated experts handle your IT needs, you access important benefits – without the burden of extra costs – to ensure the safety of your business. Our managed solutions led by expertly trained staff will take care of important software updates that help protect you and your customers’ data.


Dedicated Support at Every Step

Our technical team will guide you through every step of the process, working with you to create a bespoke plan that suits your specific business needs. From migrating your IT to the cloud to handling updates and maintenance, our expertly trained professionals are there to help you take your business to the next level. As an added advantage, our plans allow for managed scalability, meaning that you can fully control your growth and expenses.


We Invest In Our Team

Here at Stone, people matter and that’s why it’s important that every member of our team has their own learning journey. Our people are encouraged to develop their skillset at every opportunity, both through our own purpose-built Academy, where we can reach out to staff wherever they are to include them in learning and development events, and through a wealth of opportunities across the business.

Growth mindset is a real focus for us too, and through our commitment to Learning and Development, and our drive to achieve the highest standards possible, we have the confidence to be able to provide an outstanding service to all our clients.

Why Choose Stone?

Trusting a team with more than 30 years of experience – and many satisfied customers – is a cost-effective solution to your IT concerns. Focus on what matters and let us take care of your IT needs. To find out more about how our expert teams can help your business, contact our friendly team today.