Payment Options

At Stone Group we have several payment options to help you and your organisation find and fund the right IT solutions to achieve your goals and start your digital transformation journeys.

To buy direct

Stripe Card Payments
Customers can pay using their Debit or Credit card on the checkout. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Customers can pay using their PayPal account and can also use their debit and credit card payments if they wish.

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B2B payment options

We can tailor plans with IT Scale so that finance laptops through a Device as a Service scheme.

IT Scale
We can tailor plans with our IT Scale service so that organisation’s can finance equipment through our Device as a Service scheme, allowing businesses to scale without the worry of sourcing IT.

Trade account
If you have purchased with us before we may be able to apply to set up a trade account by speaking with your Account Manager, this way you will be able to utilise a finance scheme.


Finance Schemes

Finance schemes are a key aspect of making world-class technology accessible to everyone, no matter their background. Across education, finance schemes level the playing field and make high-quality education the standard that all schools and institutions can aim for.

At Stone Group, we work with a number of finance schemes to ensure our cutting-edge *IT solutions for education* are accessible to everyone. Our GetYourTech4Schools scheme is designed to close the attainment gap and ensure that all schools have the freedom and independence to choose IT solutions that suit their requirements.

Our GetYourTech4Schools Scheme

The GetYourTech4Schools scheme is vendor-independent, which means that our clients aren't tied into products by any IT vendor. Instead, we work closely with clients under the scheme to produce tailored IT solutions designed around the individual needs of the school and its students.

In this way, Stone Group's GetYourTech4Schools scheme offers the ultimate flexibility even for the tightest of budgets. Our *custom IT solutions* offer maximised outcomes for students and staff, making the work of teachers simpler, encouraging students to engage with classroom learning, and enabling students to study from home no matter their financial background.

Levelling The Playing Field

Schools across the UK have access to a number of school finance schemes intended to improve the quality of education on offer for those students from the most deprived areas of the UK. Funding for the UK government's Pupil Premium scheme, which allocates extra funding to schools with higher numbers of pupils from low-income families, has recently been increased by 45%.

Pupil Premium funding is one way in which schools can set aside more money to invest in better technology, which can improve engagement and behaviour in the classroom while keeping learning fun for students of all ability levels.

IT Skills For All Students

Research suggests that in the modern world of work, IT skills are needed for over 90% of career paths. This means even those students who go on to work in vocational careers can benefit from improved access to IT from an early age. Fostering IT skills from the primary years and beyond is the easiest way to improve IT literacy in the next generation, ensuring that all students have the IT skills necessary to succeed in a wide variety of career paths.




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At Stone Group, we work with schools, colleges, and educational institutions of all sizes and backgrounds to design and implement IT solutions tailored to the needs of each individual student body. No two schools are the same, which is why our GetYourTech4Schools scheme offers a fully flexible service, intended to make world-leading IT solutions accessible to students from all backgrounds.

To find out more about our finance schemes or how to design effective IT solutions on a tight budget, contact us at Stone Group today.