Gaming in Education

Esports and gaming to enrich learning, nurture skills and prepare pupils for digital careers

With the right IT, students can form teams, compete internationally and learn skills that can form the basis of a career in the gaming industry and beyond.

Built with the Best, Engineered for Success

In esports, a competitive edge is key - and it's crucial to have the right IT so gamers don't fall behind their rivals.

That’s where we come into our own.

Our passionate gaming experts will help you get the right equipment for the best price - from custom PCs to the latest monitors, keyboards and mice from partners like Asus, Iiyama and Corsair.

And thanks to our five-year warranties and installation and support solutions, you'll get a circular service that allows students to shine on the digital battlefield and the classroom.

Because we’ve worked in education for thirty years, we know that safeguarding is vital too. We can advise on age-appropriate games, closed-community platforms and moderation options for teachers.

Turn gaming dreams into envelope-pushing reality with Stone

  • Pre-built and customised systems with specifications tailored to every top esports title alongside the power to handle development, data and design work required by esports and computing courses
  • Reliable partnerships with leading gaming companies like Logitech, Razer, and Cherry - so your students can use the same equipment as the pros
  • Refurbished PCs that allow you to deploy cost-effective esports PCs without creating e-waste
  • A full range of deployment, support and recycling services that let you concentrate on supporting your students rather than installing, updating and fixing your IT
  • In-house AV experts who can equip your school or college with high refresh rate screens, curved displays, projectors and VR headsets from partners like BenQ, ViewSonic and Pico
  • Specialists who can inject computing suites with bursts of colour and comfort with posters, displays, gaming chairs and banks of desks from companies like Top-Tec

GCS Owls

Swansea’s Gower College is a pioneer for esports in education, and the College relies on Stone PCs to underpin its esports, computing and cybersecurity courses.

The GCS Owls esports team has won the Overwatch 2 Nationals at the British Esports Student Championships, the team competes in games like Rocket League, Valorant, F1 22 and Apex Legends, and the team has competed internationally in the US and Sweden.

Read about how we’ve helped Gower level up learning.

GCS Owls scrimmingGCS Owls scrimming

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