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Newman Catholic School is a learning community committed to the high achievement of all students. As such, ICT plays an important role to the delivery of education and so providing first class ICT provisions to enhance teaching and learning is key to the success of this.

Back in 2005, Carlisle – the home of Newman Catholic School, hit national headlines after it was submerged by flood waters which caused devastation across the city – including the school. The 2005 flood hit the school badly but they got back on their feet and put new provisions in place should anything like this ever happen again.

They say though that lightning never strikes twice but unfortunately for Newman Catholic School it did, as a decade later the school was hit by a second flood – this time only worse.

Everything in the building had been completely destroyed – including all the brand new IT equipment the school had recently invested in. Not a single PC had survived and entire IT suites had been ruined.

Left in a complete state of turmoil, the school needed help to try and get back on their feet so that there was very little disruption to the learning outcomes of students.

With the help of the local community and local schools in the area, Newman Catholic School were able to get students into a temporary learning environment whilst plans were put in place as to what would happen next. But with very little else other than a few desktops, the school desperately needed more equipment to assist with the day-to-day teaching and learning activities.

The school had been working with Stone for a number of years by this point and having spoken to their account manager about what had happened, Stone donated a number of refurbished devices as a starting point to help the school get back on their feet and get started so that teaching and learning wasn’t affected too badly.

Read the full story to find out how Newman Catholic School got back up and running with IT facilities that accommodate both student and staff needs – giving the school the time they now need to focus on the future and maintaining that high standard of education that they pride themselves on.

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