As one of the original manufacturers of technology charging solutions, LapCabby have changed the way teachers and students, doctors and nurses, coaches and players, scientists and technicians ensure their devices are fully charged and ready to integrate into their daily work.

Who is LapCabby?

In 2006, their simple, functional, trolley began to evolve. listening to the concerns that customers had - cable spaghetti, broken chargers, laptops damaged in transit, damaged walls from square corners. Solutions were needed, so we enlisted a team of industry product
designers to overcome each concern thoughtfully and creatively. And LapCabby was born.

Fast-forward to today and LapCabby continue to develop solutions. Devices have changed in size and type, and the number of industries they serve has increased and evolved so now they supply a wide range of products to over 50 countries worldwide. However, there will always be one thing that never changes – the passion for understanding their customers and designing thoughtful products.

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