Local Government

As one of the key elements that make up our public sector, it is the responsibility of the local government to deliver value to taxpayers while providing an effective and reliable service. We've worked with governments and councils across the UK to streamline digital operations while cutting running costs to suit the ever-tightening budgets of the public sector.

Technology that Transforms

Digital transformation isn't just a buzzword; it's a testament to the magnitude of the impact that IT and technology can have on organisations that embrace it. Intelligent IT in local government can:

  • Improve communication between a government and its citizens
  • Streamline working practices and boost efficiency
  • Make data storage and record-keeping more accurate and reliable
  • Aid productivity and staff performance at work
  • Add value for citizens and improve working conditions for staff

At Stone Group, all of our public sector IT solutions are tailor-made for our clients. We listen closely to the needs of your organisation and develop custom solutions to individual problems.

Many local governments across the UK are still scraping by with outdated IT systems which get the job done, but nothing more. Our IT solutions can bring your local government or council into the modern era, providing seamless, streamlined solutions to contemporary problems.

Investing in effective technology doesn't have to be expensive, and when money is invested smartly it can improve the efficiency of local councils and governments, saving costs in the long term while building a digital infrastructure that is fit for the future. Our IT solutions for local government can help our clients to run an effective, reliable, and productive operation that delivers real value to its citizens.

IT Solutions for Local Governments

We work with our clients from the early stages of consultation and design right through to implementation, training, and support to deliver high quality *local government IT solutions* that can really make a difference. The solutions you choose to implement are entirely up to you, and every project we deliver is completely unique. Our tech solutions for local governments include:

  • Fast and secure network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Versatile device deployment that can keep team members connected while on the go
  • Installing custom meeting rooms fitted with enhanced AV capabilities and collaborative technology
  • Supplying and managing servers and storage systems with security in-built
  • Implementing software to streamline working practices and boost productivity

At Stone Group, we are not just your supplier but a collaborative partner. Our team of dedicated public sector IT specialists work cooperatively with you to design and implement a fully integrated IT system that will meet the needs of both your government and its citizens.

Why Choose Us?

With over 25 years of experience supplying local governments and councils with cutting edge IT and technology, at Stone Group we know what we're doing. Our team of public sector specialists will work closely with you to develop an IT framework that meets your council's needs and brings your vision to life. We work in collaboration with trusted partners who produce world-leading hardware and software to ensure every solution we implement is of the highest standards.

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