Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud services that cover every area of business management. It offers the ability to deliver cloud services like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Stone Group provide a range of Azure services.

What is Microsoft Azure?

A public cloud computing platform from Microsoft, Azure comprises more than 600 cloud services and supports a range of operating systems, databases and developer tools. Popular ones include:

  • Azure Application Services
  • Azure Data Services
  • Azure Development Services
  • Azure Compute Services
  • Azure Network Services

Fundamentally, Azure can either replace or supplement your on-site infrastructure. It also delivers an enormous range of additional services that improve the way different departments in your organisation function. There are tools and resources to resolve numerous critical business challenges, and the potential is vast.

Many enterprises all around the world are optimising their business models and infrastructure with Microsoft Azure. With the support of Stone Group and the benefit of our vast expertise, you could deploy Azure in your business and reap the benefits of the world's most powerful cloud services solution.

Stone Group provide a range of Azure services to help you such as; cutting costs associated with cloud back-ups, building your personalised infrastructure in a natively scalable environment and getting secure Single Sign On (SSO) access to commonly-used applications like Office 365, Dropbox and Salesforce.

What Does Stone Group Do?

With expert knowledge of Microsoft Azure, we provide a comprehensive range of Azure services that encapsulate its entire ecosystem. We can create a bespoke solution that is optimised to work for your organisation.

Here are some of Azure's most popular areas that we are currently working in:

  • Stone Unity - this carefully-crafted solution is born in Azure and designed with Academy Trusts in mind.
  • Complete backup and recovery solutions with an Azure framework using Azure storage. This ensures you won't lose everything should disaster strike.
  • Development of a network built for access from anywhere at any time using Azure Active Directory. This includes fast, secure identity management.
  • Set up of your virtual machines in Azure, enhancing the scalability and availability of your applications.

Why Choose Azure?

There are countless benefits to strong implementation of Microsoft Azure, but here are some of the core advantages:

  • Fast and productive - There are more than 100 Azure services, making it easier than ever to transform your ideas into reality. Apps and tools can be developed swiftly to cut down lengthy marketing cycles.
  • Hybrid flexibility - Azure allows creation and development anywhere, anytime, from the most consistent cloud in the world.
  • Power and intelligence - Azure is built around intelligence, hosting powerful AI capabilities, smart automation solutions and a wealth of robust, reliable data.
  • Trusted and professional - No less than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure, along with thousands of Public and Private sector organisations. It is a solution that you can put your trust in.

How Do We Do This?

Stone Group understand the complexities of volume licensing. With the support of our dedicated specialists, you will get maximum value from the usage rights of your volume licence. They can also offer insights into the often-misunderstood world of Microsoft, identifying opportunities to minimise ongoing costs where possible.

We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 25 years, so our experience of working with leading technologies is second to none. We are also one of a select few UK companies to be a Microsoft Azure Black Belt Partner. This means Microsoft formally recognises the significant investment we have put into our Azure practice. We truly lead the way in helping organisations leverage the immense power of Microsoft Azure.

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To learn more about how Stone could help you implement Microsoft Azure in your organisation, please contact one of our experienced, friendly team members and we will be happy to help.