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Nellcote is an experienced technology and security company with significant expertise across the entire technology landscape from open to closed source solutions.

Opensource technology has come a long way since the early days, and more often than not, there is an excellent opensource equivalent to an expensive vendor solution. Nellcote's team are seasoned open source professionals that understand the technology and security landscape and can advise on how to save you money and improve your security through the use of Opensource Technology.


What can Nellcote provide:

•        CREST accredited Penetration Testing Services

•        Vulnerability Assessment Services (regular or ad-hoc)

•        Simulated Ransomware Assessment (HackM3)

•        Cyber Essentials Accreditation Support

•        Virtual Security Team Services

•        Security Awareness & Phishing Training


Nellcote's sole mission is to ensure you have the best balance of security, technology and skilled professionals to drive your company forward.

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