Cisco Meraki IT Network Solutions

Maintaining a streamlined IT network is vital if you want to keep your business running smoothly and avoid unnecessary downtime. With Stone Group’s networking solutions, you can enhance the efficiency of your IT network while saving money and protecting your data.

We Deliver Tailored Solutions

Your end-users deserve high-quality experiences that live up to your promises. To ensure that users are satisfied, you need IT network support services adapted for your sector and individual requirements. That’s where we at Stone Group come in.

Our IT and networking services offer impeccable securitisation and allow for robust access controls. Whether you’re looking to automate cumbersome processes or better protect your data, we’re on hand to deliver IT network support you can trust.

What we offer

We take on all sorts of projects, regardless of scale or duration. Our solutions and services include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Core, Edge and Access network design and installation.
  • Data and voice cable installations (in both existing offices and new-builds)
  • Communication room installations
  • Installation of lines, fibre patch cords, fibre-optic cables, inner-duct tubing, and more
  • Wireless surveying and BLE location services.
  • Relocation services for clients moving offices
  • SD-WAN design and implementation

Why Choose Stone Group for IT and Networking Services?

Whether you’re a small private business or a large-scale public organisation, Stone Group is your go-to networking service. We love taking on complex projects and offer a wide range of IT networking solutions guaranteed to improve organisational operations. 

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We offer the following advantages:

Better User Experiences

At Stone Group, we appreciate that many of our clients want to deliver seamless experiences for their end-users. As such, we work hard to locate, implement, and secure cutting-edge applications that suit your audience.

Robust Security Solutions

Data security and compliance is everything in today’s digital landscape. As such, we help our clients respond to threats through secure networking. We never overlook network vulnerabilities and work closely with clients to control who has access to sensitive data sets.

Minimise disruptions

Our IT network support team is always happy to help clients troubleshoot IT inefficiencies, offering actionable insights geared towards boosting performance. Forget disruptive downtime and unproductive software – an optimised IT network will help to keep employees and service users engaged and productive.

Robust Network Monitoring

With our IT and networking services, you can easily update and monitor your IT network, ensuring that operations are fully visible. Remember – accountability and stringent data protection policies are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape.


Cisco Meraki Services

We can help businesses get set up with a secure and reliable network infrastructure to enable your users to be more productive. We are specialists in Cisco technology, loved by corporate leaders around the world. By installing Cisco technology, we can help you to boost innovation, reduce business costs, tighten security controls, and scale up your company.

Committed to Delivering Excellent Customer Service

At Stone Group, we know that working closely with clients is one of the best ways to deliver excellent results. As such, our IT network support team is available to answer any troubleshooting questions you may have about your network. If a problem arises, our team of experts will do everything they can to support you and get your business back on track.

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Partnered with the Biggest Brands in IT and Networking

Our long-standing partnership with globally recognised leader Cisco, we offer some of the most innovative technology available on the market at irresistibly affordable prices.

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With over 30 years’ worth of experience as a leading IT provider in the UK, Stone Group is reading and waiting to meet your every need. Do not hesitate to reach out today.