Investing in contemporary IT solutions is an investment in the essential work that the NHS does every day. From patient records to appointment logs and staff diaries, the NHS is already undergoing a digital transformation; but a substandard IT infrastructure can make working digitally feel more of a burden than a benefit. Our tailor-made NHS IT solutions are designed with both patients and staff in mind. 

Meeting the Needs of Patients and Doctors

Our team of public sector experts, which includes ex-CSU and CCG staff, have a wealth of experience working specifically with NHS trusts across the UK to develop IT frameworks that deliver high performance, reliability, and efficiency across every metric of success. Reduce patient waiting times, minimise time spent on administrative tasks, secure patient data, and improve communication between staff and patients with dedicated tech solutions designed specifically for NHS trusts.

We also work hard to guide and support our clients at every stage of this collaborative process, from the initial consultation and design through to installation, implementation, training and support. We ensure your team are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to get the most out of the IT solutions we deliver.

IT Solutions for over 20% of NHS Trusts in the UK

At Stone Group, we are the partner of choice for over 20% of NHS trusts across the UK. We employ a huge range of technologies designed with the specific needs of the NHS in mind, and each project we work on is considered on a completely individual basis.

Some of the solutions we have implemented for NHS trusts in the past include:

  • Designing and deploying secure networks that enable clear and convenient communication between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Implementing IT systems that minimise the burden of simple administrative tasks
  • Providing a solid and secure infrastructure for the storage of confidential data and records
  • Supplying connected portable devices so that professionals can work flexibly
  • Offering managed technical services that can save your trust time while ensuring all technical work is carried out to high standards

Our IT solutions for NHS trusts can save valuable time and resources while improving the patient experience, resulting in a more smooth and efficient NHS for both staff and patients.

Why Choose Us?

With over 25 years of experience providing bespoke technical solutions for NHS trusts and healthcare facilities in the UK, our team of public sector experts can design and deliver an IT solution that is just for you. Our IT solutions can be as simple or as complex as necessary, ranging from straightforward network upgrades to multifaceted IT environments.

Take the first step towards a fully integrated IT system that works for you and your patients today with Stone Group. Contact us to find out more about our *tailored IT solutions for NHS trusts* and medical facilities in the UK.