Productivity Software

Whether you are in the public or private sector, productivity should be one of the key priorities of any organisation or business. Increasing productivity and performance at work is the key to maximising profits and passing extra value onto customers and service users.

Your organisation's software and IT structure can have a huge impact on the productivity of your staff. Old, outdated IT can be slow, sluggish, and inefficient, which will not only reduce productivity but can introduce further delays and disruptions in the form of downtime at work.

Organisations can work to improve productivity at work by upgrading their IT infrastructure for faster performance, and by installing productivity software that's designed to support staff to manage time, prioritise tasks, and communicate with colleagues.

What is Productivity Software?

Productivity software is widely used in businesses and organisations across the world. It refers to software that can help staff to produce documents, databases, spreadsheets, and other file types, as well as software that assists in the completion of projects. This might mean software with time management, communication, or collaboration tools.

There are many different types of productivity software, and the best type for your organisation will depend on the needs of your team. Some types of productivity software include:

  • Project management software can help team leaders and project managers to manage timelines, budgets, and work prioritisation.
  • Database management systems can help data managers to create and manage a database.
  • Time tracking software can aid scheduling, time management, and payroll.

Today, productivity software is more important than ever. The increasing prevalence of the internet and technology in businesses and organisations means that staying productive is more reliant upon the technology you're employing than ever. Productivity software enables organisations to run projects more smoothly, manage time effectively, and scale-up without losing out on efficiency.

Our Productivity Software Solutions

At Stone Group, we work closely with our clients to design productivity software packages tailored to the needs of their organisation. Our productivity software solutions will give your staff the tools they need to work in the most efficient way possible, empowering your team to reach their full potential in everything they do.

We work with leading brands to deliver productivity software for a range of sectors and industries. Our software experts can offer advice and guidance on software packages from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Google, helping you to determine which ones will benefit your organisation and what your ideal productivity software setup looks like.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to productivity software, which is why at Stone Group, we offer tailored productivity software solutions that are designed to integrate with your existing IT structure to result in harmonious, seamless workflows that keep your staff productive and service users satisfied.

Microsoft software including Office 365, M365, Microsoft Azure, and Intune.

Microsoft products can offer accessible and secure cloud-based tools to complete projects, manage schedules, and monitor users and data on your IT system.

Adobe software including Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat DC.

Adobe products can simplify and streamline photo and video editing as well as supporting staff to create and collaborate on PDF documents

Google software including Google Workspace for Enterprise and Education and Google Classroom.

Google software aids collaboration and communication, with Google Workspace bringing together multiple productivity tools in a single package and Google Classroom an essential tool for teachers and trainers.


Why Choose Stone Group?

At Stone Group, we have over 30 years of experience working to deliver tailored IT solutions for businesses and organisations in both the private and public sectors. Our IT solutions are versatile and comprehensive, ensuring that your organisation's IT infrastructure is secure, reliable, and efficient in every aspect.

Every productivity software solution we create for our clients is as unique as each organisation we work with. Contact us today to find out how the right combination of productivity software can dramatically improve your organisation's performance.