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Communication with stakeholders in an increasingly digital world – in theory – should be easier. But practically, many find it increasingly difficult to be heard in the information overload, and deliver the right message, to the right group of people, at the right time.

Effective digital signage can help you become a great communicator, get your message out there and better connect to your people, your patrons and the public.

Get a bespoke package and free up your own people to do what they do best, with a digital signage solution from Stone.

Digital Signage from Stone

We take the time to get to know your organisation, your requirements and end goals, so we can design and deploy the optimal solution, bespoke for you.

  • We can design specific digital signage solutions, encompassing the hardware and the software and everything in between, giving you a one stop shop for everything you need to communicate with your communities.
  • We can provide a full range of installation, training and support packages – freeing you up to spend time on other things. We also offer screens from all the leading names in digital signage – including Iiyama, Phillips, Samsung, Panasonic and NEC.
  • Combining the offering of globally renowned brands with our personalised approach, means you can get the right digital signage bespoke to your broader technology vision, not just an off-the-shelf solution.

How we achieve this

  • The highest level of partner accreditation with the biggest names in AV. This means we can offer the best value, so you can use the savings elsewhere.
  • Over 25 years’ experience providing AV solutions to schools, universities, healthcare and more, giving us an intricate understanding of the specific environments that the signage will sit and subsequently, how to get it to cut through the noise.
  • A dedicated team of AV engineers based throughout all four corners of the UK and everywhere in between, meaning you always get that local touch.
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