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Keep your organisation safe

With Cyber threats and attacks evolving and growing in strength each and every day, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re taking effective measures to keep your organisation and it’s members safe. To stay one step ahead of the game, you need to ensure lasting protection for your network through effective and comprehensive security solutions.

Stone works closely with your organisation alongside a select number of key global leading partners to ensure your organisations systems are securely locked down and day to day operations can continue seamlessly, enabling endless productivity and allowing your organisation to thrive.

The cost of doing nothing

Investing in your security infrastructure is a cost that is vital in ensuring your organisation won’t fall victim to any breaches in security and the hefty fines that come hand in hand. With current regulations stricter than ever and a growing number of high-profile organisations falling victim to malicious attacks – it’s more important than ever to ensure your entire organisation is ready to deal with the threats of today, and tomorrow.


Endpoint Protection

Give your network administrator the ability to restrict certain website access to specific users in order to maintain and comply with your organisation’s policies and standards.

Backup, recovery and replication

Ensure your digital landscape is efficient, reliable and protected. Achieve fast, flexible and easy to manage backup, recovery and replication across all your apps and data.

Data-protection, security and compliance

Enhance your digital work or learning spaces, ensure your end-users are protected, and secure and operate apps and data everywhere with consistent connectivity.


Monitor and control any of your incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. Investing in an effective firewall solution will establish a barrier between your trusted internal network and any untrusted external networks.

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